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Database Marketing

It's just sitting there, waiting for you to ask it the right questions. 
Your database is calling. It knows who your best customers are. It knows when loyalty begins. It knows how much you should reinvest and when.

In four simple steps, I can help you become a data-driven organization.

1.  Database assessment
This is a series of reports to diagnose the health of the existing player pipeline, to identify the "sweet spot" segments within the database, and to target those who are on the threshold of more regular patronage. This is a most telling process about a company's core customer, its position in the marketplace, and the trajectory of where it is headed.

2.  Segmentation  
A database assessment carries forward naturally into discussions of how to parcel out incentives responsibly across multiple segments. Relevant messages and appropriate offers, as well as the identification of potential marketing test and controls is tantamount to improving existing marketing activities.

3.  Programming  
Once we know our target audience, I help to calibrate the multiple facets of a loyalty program towards greater incremental returns. Casinos manage points programs, player development programs, direct marketing campaigns, and tiered card structures to court their players. Each marketing vehicle has its unique purpose. My goal is to deliver the proper incentives using the right channel to avoid over-investment across the board and inappropriate spending with the wrong cohort of players. For most projects, my focus is on improving the direct marketing strategy. I deliver a series of matrices that lay out which players fall in to which segments, what incentives they should receive, when they should receive them and how they should be delivered. During on-site meetings we fine-tune the matrices to build team consensus regarding the strategy. We can also build in a few workshops to make sure that the direct marketing strategy fits in well with the other loyalty programs to avoid the risk of over-investment.

4.  Reporting
Building a data-driven organization doesn't happen overnight. Marketing, Casino Operations, and Hotel Operations need to align their goals and activities toward the same ends. I help to identify monthly and quarterly quantitative tools to bring these oft divergent silos together. We meet to discuss a selection of reports and to identify areas of further study, areas of concern, and action items that are flagged by my quantitative reports. I then act as a quarterly coach to see if cross-departmental efforts have moved the needle based upon the action items of the previous quarter.

Data brings divergent teams together. Let the numbers be your springboard to action and reaction in lieu of dueling egos and opposing perspectives. Experience, player familiarity, and creative energy can all be channeled towards more constructive ends when decision-making rests of quantitative evidence. 


"Nicole and I have worked together on database and marketing reinvestment projects for half a dozen casinos in 2010. She successfully creates the 'Eureka' moment for the client - bringing clarity to sometimes misguided perceptions of customer worth. She offers realistic recommendations for leveraging the property's database and improving direct marketing programs to drive revenue more profitably. She has a keen ability to shed light on data for even the most number-phobic managers and marketers. Her relationships with clients are built on mutual trust and respect. our cooperative projects have been both educational and rewarding."

Toby O'Brien, VP Marketing & Client Services
Raving Consulting Company

"The innovative database analysis and spreadsheets provided by Nicole allowed us to look at our entire player base with new goals and objectives. We will be incorporating the marketing and database analysis in to our 2011 marketing plan. In cooperation with Toby O’Brien from Raving Consulting, Nicole understood our challenges and we were very pleased with the way they worked with our team to understand and provide us with alternative approaches to our reinvestment programs. We have engaged the same two consultants to partner with us for review and analysis over the next four quarters."

James Snead, Chief Financial Officer
Suquamish Clearwater Resort

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