one small step for copy, one giant leap for overall messaging
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Marketing Consultative Services 
A little consultation can raise anyone’s game. Getting my clients to a point where they can maximize their existing database through segmentation and programming gets us to a place where effective messaging means the most.

Reinvestment Decisions

It’s one thing to have all the marketing vehicles in place: points programs, tiered loyalty cards, direct marketing communications, VIP activities, and promotions. It’s another to masterfully allocate your finite resources across differentiated methods of incenting your customers to return. Barker Enterprises, inc. can help you to maximize your Return on Investment across all your marketing vehicles. Proper measurement tools and database analytics can help you to calibrate your efforts and identify tangible means for capturing incremental returns.

Copywriting Services 
Copywriting is a worthwhile investment. The difference between direct mail and junk mail is this: it’s a feeling. Let’s travel from one extreme to the other. Good copy resting on top of highly segmented data should build anticipation with the recipient. In short of the pony express showing up at your door having crossed mountains, rivers, and deserts to get to you, getting a piece of mail from a friend means something. Good copy is worth a potential paper cut. The other extreme – a mailer with a plastic window addressed to you, or current resident, prompts irritable effort to rip, tear, then recycle. 

When most compose haphazardly, good copy aims to band us together to make our customers consider the act of opening our envelopes worthwhile.

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"Nicole asks a million questions to make sure she understands our objectives. Then she applies her uncanny business intelligence to integrate strategic marketing initiatives across multiple communication channels."

Rhonda Basler, VP Marketing Services Mail Print

"Nicole has the unique ability to develop creative marketing collateral without overlooking the technical details. Nicole readily adapts to new subject matter. Her ambidextrous (right brain – left brain) marketing talent makes her invaluable to an organization requiring impactful promotional materials in highly regulated environments." 

Martha Townsend, President MarketReady Rx, Inc.

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