one small step for copy, one giant leap for overall messaging
The Company

Barker Enterprises, Inc. provides marketing consultation, training, and copywriting services to companies looking to maximize their investment in database marketing, direct marketing and product management.

My name is Nicole Barker. As president of Barker Enterprises, Inc., I specialize in serving the gaming, hospitality, bio-tech, pharma, and diagnostic industries.

It is my intention to help companies like yours maximize their investment in their existing databases through segmentation and planning. The goal is to get my clients to a place where effective messaging means the most.

Together we can deliver a clear message, in an inviting manner, to build a relationship, and motivate a measurable response. 

Nicole Barker
Barker Enterprises, Inc.


"Nicole Barker

 gets it. There’s a lot to know in the gaming industry, and she’s able to drop in, unravel complex issues, and deliver.”

Dennis Conrad, President
Raving Consulting 

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